Cryptocurrency is complex and difficult for young investors to understand.

    The design system and brand was designed to be friendly and approachable because cryptocurrency is an intimidating subject to learn about.

    The app takes leftover change from users’ purchases and automatically invests in different cryptocurrencies while also teaching how cryptocurrency works.

    A desktop website was created for customer support or for learning more about cryptocurrency.

The Design System

The pebble brand was designed to be approachable and friendly. The organic nature helps negate any intimidation that might come from learning about cryptocurrency.

Display booth showing the Pebble app and the brand's core values.

The App

New users run through an on-boarding process before starting any investments. The app itself provides hints and tips along the way, explaining why an investment happened, or advise users on where to invest next.

Check out my interactive prototype!

Laptop, phone cases, and buttons showcasing the pebble logo.

The Website

Once the user has downloaded the app, they may have questions. The website will allow users to seek help for specific issues.

Desktop version of Pebble website that the user would go to for help.

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