There is no easy grab-and-go, no-worry shampoo product for travelers restricted by airline standards.

    A shampoo pod activated by water was developed to eliminate worries for those that travel by plane.

    The packaging was designed to protect the new product and reduce the amount of waste after use.

The Current Situation

Bottles are bulky, do not always meet airline TSA standards, and there is a risk of opening inside a traveler’s luggage.

Server checking smartwatch to see that their table's order is ready.

Product Benchmarks

Research was done to understand how similar products are packaged. This helped when choosing the final design.

Product + Packaging Design

Through sketching and brainstorming, it was determined that a pod-like shampoo delivery process would be created. The final design is perforated, which allows travelers to select the number pods, while the blister design protects each individual shampoo pod.

Smartwatch screens showing one notification example of a ready order and another example of an incorrect order.

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