A rural clinic improves the brand expression to build connection to their community.

    Social media is used to advertise the clinic’s presence in the community, while brochures offer more detailed information about the clinic and its services.

    Because Internet access is limited to mobile devices, a responsive website is important to access the clinic and its services.

    Volunteers play a major role in staffing and putting patients at ease, so shirts were suggested.

    Donations are key for running the clinic, so stationery is important for contacting and thanking donors.

Initial Contact

Potential patients can learn if they qualify for Helping Hands’ care, and schedule appointments all from their mobile device. Flyers and a mobile website were chosen based on interviews stating they are the most effective at reaching those who might need care.

Display booth showing the Pebble app and the brand's core values.

Volunteers will have shirts that identify that they are with Helping Hands.

Dark blue t-shirt with Helping Hands logo and volunteer name.

Reaching Out

The clinic will have branded stationery to help communicate to donors and spread awareness even further in the local community.

Branded letterhead, business card, and pencils.

Thank-you post-card and button.

Donors to Helping Hands will receive a handwritten thank-you note, as well as an encouragement to volunteer at the clinic. Pins will also be available to donors if they do decide to volunteer.

Thank-you post-card and button.

When patients leave, they will receive a sticker that lets others know about the clinic.

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