CITYGEEK magazine’s readership has fallen. How might a digital magazine experience to draw in a new audience?

The User Journey

Social media begins the CITYGEEK user experience. From there, users are influenced to download the app and start reading online. The app also allows users to start exploring their city and locate the smart city technology they read about in the magazine.

CITYGEEK wordmark in white.

CITYGEEK logo in white.

CITYGEEK wordmark in blue.

CITYGEEK logo in blue.

The Social Media

A strong social media presence draws in a younger audience, while condensed stories are easier to digest and read.

Instagram story showing CITYGEEK magazine story.

Snapchat story showing CITYGEEK magazine story.

TikTok post showing a CITYGEEK story.

The App

Users can read full-length articles on the CITYGEEK app. Stories can be favorited and saved for later, while the search feature allows users to browse by popular topics.

CITYGEEK app showing stories available to read.

Example showing how an individual story would be read on the app.

The app's search feature.

The app's Smart City technology locator.

The App: Maps

Users can track where smart city technology is located, and receive notifications when they are near that technology. Within cities, signs will identify and serve as wayfinding for those locating smart city technology.

The Magazine

The print magazine receives a modern update but does not alienate the existing audience that prefers physical over digital.