CITYGEEK magazine’s readership has fallen. How might a digital magazine experience to draw in a new audience?

  • Social media.
  • Smartphone app.
  • Smartwatch app.
  • Print magazine.

    Social media is used as a method for advertising CITYGEEK and posting news stories to attract a new audience.

    The app provides the digital reading experience and exploration platform used to extend the CITYGEEK magazine experience.

    The smartwatch app allows users to be aware of technology when exploring their city.

    A more modern magazine design draws readers from across different generations.

CITYGEEK wordmark
CITYGEEK wordmark

User Journey





    Users first learn about CITYGEEK magazine through social media.

    Social Media influences the download of the CITYGEEK app.

    In the app, users can read stories, or subscribe to the print magazine.

    Also in the app, users can explore their city and locate smart technology that they have read about.

Social Media

A strong social media presence draws in a younger audience, and creates bite-sized, easy-to-read stories.

  • CITYGEEK Instagram story.
  • CITYGEEK Snapchat story.

The App: Reading

Users can read full-length articles on the CITYGEEK app. Stories can also be favorited and saved for later.

  • CITYGEEK App home screen showing the most current articles to read.
  • CITYGEEK App example of reading the online article.
  • CITYGEEK App showing search, search by topic, and trending stories.
  • CITYGEEK App showing search, search by topic, and trending stories.

The App: Maps

Users can track where smart city technology is located, and receive notifications when they are near that technology.

CITYGEEK Watch and Smartphone app shown in use.

The Sign

The Sign Signs in cities will identify and serve as wayfinding for those locating smart city technology.

CITYGEEK technology identifying sign.

The Magazine

Print magazine example one..

Print magazine example two.

Print magazine example three.

Print magazine example four.

Print magazine example five.

Print magazine example six.

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